VCM spring

We hold the top market share worldwide
in springs for OIS for smartphone.

Rubber Sheet for High Frequency 「micro-metal-socket」

The micro-metal-socket is best solution for multiple pins (>1000pins) semiconductor test.

Union Contact ™

Our test contact pin achieved higher conductivity,
low resistance...

Union Socket Ninja™

Ninja, semi-custom type test socket
reduce your electrical testing time....

Metal Masks

Metal masks that are used for electronic components
and semiconductors...


UPT offers new Shim Spacers solution which is the ring shim spacer for the optical instruments.

Processing Jigs

By diffusion bonding photo-etched metal plates,
we create high precision carrier...


Thermal solution is one of the urgent issues for
electronic components and...

Mesh & Filters

To purify air, gas, water and other liquid materials
burr-free high aspect meshes and filters...

Union Cooling Tech®

The appearance of this heat sink is very simple, but it is very complex air and liquid pathways inside the Heat Sink developed by combination of photo etching and diffusion bonding technology owned by UPT.

Probe Pin Saver™

It helps cost down for final test and reduce the maintenance process.

Union Filter®

UPT offers the entire process from the prototype stage (Small volume)of the filter to mass production(High volume).