Semiconductor Testing

We enhance customers’ testing process more time and cost efficient.

Rubber Sheet for High Frequency
Micro Metal Socket

Implement Kyosei original contact pins (U-Contact) on silicon rubber sheet, and flexible layout of contact on both side.

Rubber Sheet for High Frequency<br />
Micro Metal Socket

World's thinnest "0.05mm" Sheet Contact
Union High Speed Sheet "UHSS"

"UHSS" is
Up-to-date contact, completely changed the concept of conventional semiconductor testing enabling to use for wafer/package/system level in all phases from prototype through mass-production,

・High current
Current tolerance of 3A per dot, unachievable with conventional sheet-type contacts * Figure determined through testing by UPT

・RF testing
200 Gbps high-frequency support through ultra-short transmission paths with thicknesses as low as 0.05 mm * Figure determined through testing by UPT

・Fine pitch / Minimal contact point
Pitch: 0.08mm~, Contact point(=dot): 0.06mm~

・High durability
Durability of 50,000 uses and above, capable of withstanding mass production process use * Figure determined through testing by UPT

Union Contact ™
Semiconductor test solutions

As semiconductor is getting more layered, testing process is getting more complex. We enhance customers' testing process more time and more cost efficient.

Union Alloy ™
Original alloy with superior performance

We developed original alloy with the same level of conductivity as copper and it also holds better strengthen.

Union Socket Ninja™
For Device Testing

To apply Union Contact™ for your device testing, we developed Union Socket Ninja™.
Ask a sales staff for the semi-custom type test socket.

Union Socket Ninja™<br />
For Device Testing